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2019 Event Calendar

Seasonal Sampling Series: All Events run: 6pm - 8pm

These Three Seasonal Events Represent a Culmination of the Best and the Newest Products Available in the Fort Wayne Market, All Available To Sample Free Of Charge!

Spring Wine Sampling

Spring Wine Sampling
As the weather warms and thoughts of outdoor delights begin playing in your head – stop in for a taste of the season’s hottest new wines!

Fall Celebration Sampling

Fall Wine Sampling
As the weather begins to cool and thoughts of bonfires with nights snuggled warm watching leaves turn get you giddy – enjoy another round of delicious wines to toast the autumn season!

Winter Welcome Extravagaza

This is the big one folks… The largest and most talked about FREE Sampling of the Year in Fort Wayne! Over 100 beers, wines, and liquors representing the best of the holiday season! All ready to sample free of charge and with impressive discounts the day of the tasting to entrance the senses and entice the mind. If you’ve never heard of THIS tasting, welcome to Fort Wayne. This will be our 11th Annual Event and is ALWAYS a treat for one and all… over 21, that is!

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