1792 Full Proof

1792 Full Proof ~ S&V Liquors Select barrel

This barrel of 1792 Full Proof was carefully selected on location by our dedicated team of tasting experts to match the flavor profile that we, and our customers, have grown to love. Rich notes of caramel and butterscotch lead into a warm and pleasant vanilla in the mid-palate. Though we normally prefer understated notes of spice in our selection profiles, the final muted hints of allspice and cinnamon give the overall profile a layered complexity that only adds to the experience.

At 125 proof, or “Full Proof,” the distinctly rich flavor offered by this exceptional bourbon begins by keeping the proof high, and then foregoing the typical chill filtration to retain the esters that allow this bourbon to boast a bold, yet balanced, profile.

Although this singular barrel was selected by hand by our experts, it should not be confused with 1792’s Single Barrel offering. Delicious as it is, among other key differences their single barrel selection sits at 98.6 proof and lacks the full rich and bold flavor to be found in 1792 Full proof.

1792 Bourbon - February's Featured Spirit