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Gerard Bertrand Winery

Gerard Bertrand Winery

The History of an Expertise

The quest for excellence while respecting biodiversity ~ “Bringing out the terroirs and heritage of Languedoc-Roussillon inspires me and drives me to create authentic wines with unique character.” – Gérard Bertrand

Our aim is to bring out the terroirs and heritage of our region. Delivering a message, sparking emotions and sharing them have become the fundamental quest of our commitment as wine-growers.

Languedoc has been reinventing itself for thirty years and now assumes its status as a leader both in terms of production quality and worldwide recognition in the wine and tourism sector. The famous climatologist Leroy Laurie said that our region is the little France, because it represents all the climates of our country.

Gerard Bertrand Winery - S&V Liquors' Winery of the Month for February 2019